Description: Blank Circuit Card  - Dual  PWM Driver board for the OOPic.

Dual independent PWM channels, each channel is independently fused  with speed, direction, brakes, thermal flag and analog output to indicate motor current.
Data Pass - Thru  design allow other accessories to be connected to the OOPic. 
Based on Nation Semiconductors LMD18200T   H-bridge Driver IC's.
Break out port  allows access to all 4 analog input channels on the OOPic as well as several important digital I/O channels.
Break Out Port also doubles as a Joystick input port utilizing standard inexpensive joysticks and back plane headers used by Personal Computers.
Small size, same as the OOPic 3.5" X 2.0"
Circuit Board  is manufactured in the USA and is of the highest quality.  These boards are double sided, tined and plated thru holes, with solder mask on both sides, and parts legend on the top side.  The component holes are larger than most other cards on the market to allow easy changes and modification by the end user.  These blank board have been electrically tested and  visually inspected prior to shipping.



This page was last updated  May 17, 2006