Description: Logic Status Indicator Module


q       Plug and Play - - - No soldering needed to use.

q       Simultaneous display of the OOPic 31 I/O lines and an activity indicator or 16 I/O lines with 24 Pin processors.

q       Designed for use with OOPic, OOPic-II, OOPic II-C, Basic Stamp, BasicX, Atom and all other 24-pin compatible processors/micro-controllers.

Us as carrier board for 24 pin processors with pin-outs like the OOPic II-C, Basic Stamp, BasicX, and the Atom.

q       Construction allows OOPic II-C, Basic Stamp, BasicsX, Atom to connect to OOPic 40 pin interface.

q       Pass-Thru design allows connection between OOPic and other peripherals.

q       Impedance approximately 1 meg-ohm on each I/O line makes unit almost invisible to processor or peripherals.

q       On-board regulator eliminates power load from the processor or peripherals.

q       On-Board connector for serial I/0 and programming of processors inserted into the 24-pin socket.

q       On board reset button for convenience.

q       Unique Black Matte finish circuit board with white lettering gives extremely high contrast.

q       Over 100 Surface mount components for durability ruggedness and reliable operation.

q       GaAlAs High-Efficiency LEDs allow viewing in direct 12:00 noon sunlight while current consumption is less than 40 ma. total with all LEDs illuminated.  Ideal for extended battery operation.

q       Small credit card size (2X3.5), same size as the OOPic I.



q       Software debugging.

q       Hardware debugging.

q       Direct binary reading of data from processor.

q       Status of peripherals.

q       Visual displays.

q       Attention getting devices.


q       50.8mm X 88.9mm (2 X 3.5) (same form factor as OOPic).

q       4 mounting holes 3.81mm(0.150) diameter 3.56mm 0.140 inset from each corner.

q       FR4 circuit board material 1.59mm (0.0625) thickness.

q       23 grams (0.8 oz.) approximate weight.

q       6 to 18 volts and 5 to 40 ma. depending on number of LEDs illuminated.

q       0 C to 70 C operating temperature range.

q       10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing

q       Gold plated connectors.

Please Note:

       q The Logic Status Module is not compatible with the OOPic - R   


This page last updated January 12, 2004