Downloads: SpeakJet


It is here.  Use this with your PC running XP Home or XP Professional to develop your own sounds, words, phrases, and control functions for the SpeakJet.

(We would like to thank Ted Macy of for building the installer package)

Phrase-A-Lator Operators Manual

This is the operators manual for the Phrase-A-Lator software version 1.4 in PDF format.

Phonetic English Dictionary for SpeakJet 

Installed automatically with Phrase-A-Lator

Edit with any text editor and save with the ".dic" extension.

You can also edit from within Phrase-A-Lator.

SpeakJet Activity Center Manual

Downloads: Dual PWM Driver Board

Ramp up Brake Ramp Down Brake demo program
Joystick Control of Motors (Example on details page)

Works with OOPic OOPic II

Works with OOPic II + with modificaitons to the analog input section due to the 10 bit A2D instead of the 8 bit A2D

PWMX2  Class


Downloads: Status Indicator Module

Chasing Lights

Works with OOPic C,  OOPic, OOPic II, and OOPic II +


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