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6-1-2010 Added new distributor in Singapore www.robot-r-us.com
2-28-2010 Added SparkFun Electronics and NKC Electronics to our list of US distributors
9-18-2009 Added new distributor in Australia -  Toysdownunder.com
4-8-2008 Added links to our newest distributors in the United Kingdom and France
4-1-2008 Servo Magazine has article project containing SpeakJet.
1-21-2008 Added link to new distributor in Italy www.futurashop.it.
1-21-2008 Made updates to web-site and Flash movie on SpeakJet.
1-16-2007 Major Revamp of web-site is now underway.
4-13-2006 Magnevation has sold the OOPic support division to Savage Innovations to allow us to concentrate on SpeakJet.
3-1-2006 Nuts and Volts Magazine article on SpeakJet hits news stands.
8-1-2005 Book "The Official Robosapien Hack's Guide" mentions SpeakJet as a project.
5-1-2005 Circuit Cellar Magazine article on SpeakJet hits news stands.
4-26-2005 Welcomed two new distributors, Domestic Gamatronix and Overseas Robotikhardware
1-10-2005 Fixed broken link for dictionary download area - problem was capital letter for first character in file name but not in links.
12-7-2004 Robot Parts in Australia now a distributor for Magnevation products.
11-1-2004 Magnevation Dual PWM Driver Module (B001001-LT) chosen for OAP (Open Automaton Project) as the motor driver of choice.
10-19-2004 Added Phrase-A-Lator software package for download in software section
10-19-2004 Updated email address in Flash Presentation on SpeakJet.
8-17-2004 Added new software demos for Logic Status Indicator.
8-17-2004 Added Schematic of SpeakJet Activity Center.
8-17-2004 Corrected spelling on some pages that was originally overlooked.
7-27-2004 Placed SpeakJet manual out of "preliminary" and into Rev 1.0 "Manual finished"
5-31-2004 Added more detail to SpeakJet user manual concerning EEPROM address bit usage.
5-3-2004 Added more detail to SpeakJet user manual concerning EEPROM address usage.
2-9-2004 SpeakJet is now for sale.  After 5 years of design and testing The greatest Voice/Complex Sound Synthesizer is on for sale.
1-10-2004 Added to the details and the description page the note about the Logic Status Module is not compatible with the OOPic R.  It is compatible with all other OOPic's.
10-18-2003 Due to our volume of sales still increasing we have moved all of our sales over to the distributors.  This will enhance your shopping experiences by allowing you to purchase all of your robot needs from a single sources.
10-1-2003 Due to our volume of sales, Magnevation has elected to become a  LLC.
10-1-2003 Added a new distributor to our family of distributors "The Bot Shop" at www.thebotshop.com
9-11-2003 Added schematic for joystick adapter cable and link in page details about Dual PWM Module.
8-22-2003 Corrected  mistake in instructions on assembly of Dual PWM Driver board referring to 18 pin connector to 16 pin.
7-01-2003 Dennis Clark's book on the OOPic is now out and includes the use of the Logic Status Indicator board for examples.
12-26-2002 We have changed this web-site to make it easer view and navigate.
12-20-2002 We made the Logo at the top of the page smaller to allow more content to be viewed when at a lower resolution.
12-20-2002  Changed C5, C6, C7 and C8 from Digi-key PH1400-ND to Digi-key 399-2134 due to part availability.
8-08-2002  Corrected Zip Code on order Form
5-14-2002  Added Dale-Robots as new Domestic Value Added Retailer (VAR).
5-14-2002 Added Logic Status Indicator Module to the Downloadable Order Form.
5-14-2002 Added Network cable without terminators  to the Downloadable Order Form.
5-05-2002  Made the announcement that the Logic Status Indicator Board is now for sale.
4-09-2002  Added button to main page for software downloads.
4-09-2002  Added programs "PWMJoystickDemo.osc" and PWMRampUpDwnTest.osc" to new download page.
3-20-2002   Changed Home button on home page to read "ABOUT US".  Still points to the same page.
3-20-2002   Corrected Description Page on OOPic II/PWM Combo Package to now available.
3-11-2002   Added new links in projects page for another B9 robot construction sight.
3-11-2002    Added progress update  about Logic Status Indicator Module to products page.
11-13-2001    Added pricing for the OOPic 2 combo package to the order form.
11-13-2001    Added the Magazines link to give quick access to articles and reviews by the media industry.
10-14-2001    This web-site is what's new!





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